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Lingerie Wars - Janet Elizabeth Henderson [Recensione italiana: SUL BLOG]3,5* of 5!I cannot deny it anymore. I fell for the title :DI know it sounds stupid, but in my mind there was this scene: people behind a barricade throwing down lingerie to the other side.(Yeah, I know it's not only stupid, it's kinda insane :DD)Plus, I really liked the cover (I do so love Tartan!!), 'cause it makes me happy! :DThe story is a good one: an ex model fights with an ex soldier in a war with no holds barred because they both own a lingerie shop in a town (mmm, I don't even know if it can be called town, actually!!) too small to accomodate both :DAdd the fact that one is english and the other scottish.. No one can really be save! I liked the main characters and the way they are showed; I also found enjoyable some of the secondary ones, to be honest! :D (The old "hobbit" Betty made me really really laugh!!! Not to mention the Knit or die group.. I loved them just for the name!!)I also found lots of Janet Henderson's ideas challening, well-thought and well written (Last but not least!)The second love story of the book made me smile with tenderness: Rannie and Alastair are so sweet together! I fancied them :3Jaet elizabeth Henderson really surprised me with her writing: fluent, funny, sexi (when needed), charming.. I will read other books for sure!!I don't know why, but I didn't enjoy 100% this book :( I found it too much predictable sometimes: I know it's not a crime story or a thriller, so everybody knows how the story is going to end and I didn't expect something like: "Oh my Gosh, Lake is Kirsty's brother!" (I watched to many times Star Wars, my fault.. :DD), but neither that they kiss at the (almost) beginning!!Plus, sometimes I found the story a little bit slow, especially in the first part: I stayed on this part like forever.. It didn't push me to continue the reading all the night long, to say: I didn't feel the urge to stop the other readings and continue just with this one.. I took my time with few pages each day. Then (60% less or more) I REALLY felt that urge and finished the story in one afternoon :DIt's a series.. And I think I will read the following ones!! “Lovers by night. Enemies by day. It’s in all the best spy movies.” It's a miracle the English ever won anything. I’ve got to tell you, son, I’m getting past bored.” Lake squashed a grin. “I know what I’m doing,” he told her. “Rubbish.” She resumed her walk. “This is the worst war I’ve ever been in. There’s no violence, no bombs, not even any bloody fireworks. It’s BORING.” “What do you want us to do?” her mum said. “I’d like to know if you have anything else planned.” Kirsty pulled her chair in close to the table. “He’s fighting dirty so I want to fight dirty back, but I don’t know how. All I had planned was some advertising and a fashion show. So I’m looking for ideas. What you got?” Five middle-aged women smiled with scarily cold eyes. “Okay, so this is the current situation,” Lake said in his briefing voice. Man, he missed being in charge. He missed talking to a group of men who actually knew what they were doing. Instead he had an evil Hobbit and a scared hippy for a team. He cleared his throat. "Do I look like I care?” He let his eye roam over her. She looked sexy, that’s what she looked like.

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