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The Midnight Heir (The Bane Chronicles, #4)

The Midnight Heir - Cassandra Clare, Sarah Rees Brennan “There isn’t any chance,” Magnus asked, without much hope, “that you are rather a nice fellow who believes he is cursed and must make himself seem unlovable to spare those around him from a terrible fate? Because I have heard that happens sometimes.”“My father was cursed,” James said from the darkness. “Whereas I? I’m damned.”Brother Zachariah bent over the back of the sofa and touched James’s hair tenderly with those musician’s fingers.  “Hello, Uncle Brother Zachariah,” James said without opening his eyes. “I would say that I’m sorry to bother you, but I’m sure this is the most excitement you’ve had all year. Not so lively in the City of Bones, now is it?” “James!” Will snapped. “Don’t talk to Jem like that.” As if I am not used to badly behaved Herondales, Brother Zachariah said, in the way Jem had always tried to make peace between Will and the world.Love was love; there was no spell to cure a broken heart that did not also destroy that heart’s capacity for love forever.It would be ironic, Magnus thought, terribly and cruelly ironic, for one Herondale to be saved by love, and another Herondale damned by it.He had offered help to three Shadowhunters this night. One of them had replied that he was beyond help, one had asked him to commit murder, and one had pointed a blade at him.

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